AyuImmune Combo ( for Immunity Boosting 60 tablets each )


AyuImmune tablets contain natural actives that help in prevention of infections and allergies through immunity boosting and anti-oxidant actions.

  • AYUSH Kwath ingrediens in the recommended proportion for immunity
  • Ashwagandha, Giloy, Amla, Yashtimadhu: For immunity and anti-oxidant actions
  • Yashad as a natural source of Zinc
  • Piperin and FMB help in better bioavailability
  • Standardized herbal extracts for consistent quality
  • Gluten, Microbes, Heavy metals, Aflatoxins & Pesticides testing for Safety
  • Anti-oxidant and immunity boosting scientific studies for Efficacy


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The herbal extracts used in AyuImmune are standardized to active substances e.g. Ashwagandha is standardized for Withanaloids, Amla for tannins & gallic acid, Tulsi for Ursolic acid, Zingiber officinale for gingerols. Above all, these standardized extracts have undergone FMB (Fused-Micronized-Bio-ligand technology) for its various potential benefits.

AyuImmune has been tested for Gluten, Microbes, Heavy metals, Aflatoxins & Pesticides to ensure the quality & safety of the product. No color has been added to the product. AyuImmune has also been tested scientifically in studies for its immunity and anti-oxidant activities to ensure product is effective.


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