Immunity a simplified overview

Immunity : A Simplified Overview

~ By Dr. Arun Gupta


Immunity is a buzzword today. Let us understand in a simple way what it is, how to boost it, how it helps etc. Immunity is nothing but a mechanism in our body to give us protection and help boosting our health by increasing our capacity to prevent infections and allergies etc.

There are various immune cells (NK Cells, Macrophages etc), in our body, which act as soldiers to defend us. Just consider our body as a country and immune cells or immunity as our army to defend the country. Now, there are two ways to better defend ourselves, one is that we increase the number of soldiers and other is that we make them stronger and better equipped, to fight the enemy in a stronger way.

We are being bombarded daily by various such enemies like bacteria, virus, fungus and many other very small invisible (micro) organisms, against which our immune cells fight and destroy them and we remain protected from various disease conditions which otherwise could have been caused by these micro-organisms. However, many a times, our immune cells are not enough in number or not strong enough to fight and kill these enemies, and then these micro-organisms may start growing replicating in our body and we suffer from the respective infection.

Therefore, its very vital for us that our immune system remains strong enough to fight these invaders. But how do we keep our immunity strong. There is no magic bullet that we take that and suddenly our immunity becomes strong. It is a continuous process e.g. we should make it a habit that we avoid junk food and eat healthy, try to do some light exercises / walking daily, do some yoga and pranayama etc; these common measures help boosting our immunity.

Along with these daily measures, in Traditional systems of medicine, various medicinal plants have been described to increase our immunity. These are called Rasayana in Ayurveda. Few well known and scientifically studied herbs for boosting immunity are Ashwagandha, Giloy, Amla, Tulsi, Yashtimadhu etc. Many of these are in fact are already part of our daily diet, however, the quantity might not be enough for their proper function. Therefore, we may need to supplement our diet with these herbs / herbal extracts.

There are many health supplement products available in market which may be used. However, we need to be cautious, whatever product we use as an immunity booster, that should be a qualitative product. The herbs being coming from natural sources, wild or cultivated; these may be having microbes, pesticides, heavy metals etc; therefore, the processing of these herbs or quality check of the products derived from these herbs is very critical.

One such qualitative and scientific product in Indian market is AyuImmune Tablets which is a tested herbal product for Microbes, Pesticides and Heavy metals etc. AyuImmune contains extracts of Ashwagandha, Giloy, Amla, Tulsi and Yashtimadhu as key ingredients. AyuImmune is a Gluten free product which otherwise if present could be an allergy causing agent. AyuImmune is also scientifically studied for its anti-oxidant and immunity boosting actions. It is also processed with a new technology FMB (Fused Micronized Bioligated Technology) to make it overall better choice to boost your immunity.

Stay safe, Saty Healthy.

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