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Fused-Micronized-Bioactivated Technology

AyuSwasth products are India’s First FMB Technology based herbal products. Our products contain Standardized Herbal Extracts which are processed in FMB (Fused-Micronized-Bioligated) technology.

FMB is an innovative & scientific technology, for which patent is applied in India, US and WIPO. This technology involves a process for fusion of essential trace elements and active phytoconstituents in standardized herbal extracts.

The Science Behind

fmb steps chart
step 1

Plants and their parts encompass
a blend of specific phyto-constituents along with various co-factors including trace elements that determine the therapeutic potential of the plant. Phyto -constituents along with a fixed proportion of essential trace elements (ETE) together helps to achieve the desired therapeutic action from the plant material.

step 2

Standardized Herbal Extracts (SHE) are based on the principal of concerntrating phyto-constituents using various solvents (water, alcohol etc.). SHE ensures quality & consistency and helps avoiding batch to batch variations. However standardization may not essentially reflect efficacy. Extraction process makes SHE devoid of trace elements and thus potentail loss of therapeutic efficacy.

step 3

Essential Trace Elements (ETE) are uniquely represented in plant materaial as per their geography, genes, climate etc. ETE acts as co-factors that bind to enzymes to help catalyze a bio -chemical bio -availiblity & thus better therapeutic action (ex. Zinc in insulin secreation andsensitivity). These ETE are also essential for transport of phyto -constituents to the desired site of action. ETE also enhance anti -oxidant potential of the plant material.

The Process

fmb process diagram
  1. Fusion-tech: Fusion involves replenishment of Standardized Herbal Extracts with the Essential Trace Elements lost during the process of extraction.
  2. Micro-fixation: Micronizing the Standardized Herbal Extracts.
  3. Bio-ligand: Bio-ligation by forming natural bonds (bioligands) in the Standardized Herbal Extract between the active phyto-constituent and the Essential Trace Elements.
fmb detailed explanation
fmb detailed explanation mobile

Potential Benefits of FMB in Standardized Extracts:

  • Better absorption
  • Better bio-availability
  • Better bio-compatibility
  • Better anti-oxidant
Standardised Herbal Extracts
Standardized Herbal Extracts

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