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Vital Organs : Key to Healthy Life

~ By Dr. Anju Bala Gupta


The most important aspect in our life to remain healthy. There are two ways to be healthy, one is that we lead a life in a way that we don’t get disease and is we get the same we treat it accordingly and remain healthy thereafter. According to “Charak Samhita” (an ancient Ayurveda text) Ayurveda has two main objectives: 1st is ‘swasthasya swasthya rakshanam”   i.e. to help the healthy person to protect & maintain his swasthya ( wellness). 2nd is “aaturasya vikar prashamanam” i.e., to help a diseased person to become healthy & to stay healthy forever.

There is day to day wear and tears happening in our body from external forces as well as internal physiological processes. We need to take balanced diet to have appropriate nutrition with minerals and vitamins etc. Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins all are important part of our diet. However excess of any especially Carbohydrate and Fats may lead to overweight and obesity which makes us prone to many cardiovascular and metabolic disturbances in our body. The deficiency may also lead to a cascade of many disease conditions. The junk foods especially with high fat and high salt (HFSS) lead to free radical generation which increase the processes of internal wear and tear in our body organs. The crux is that all are required but in a balanced way.

Regular exercise, be it walking, jogging and running helps keeping our metabolic health in control and keep our cardiac and respiratory system endurance at optimum levels. Yoga and meditation which are traditionally known for their health benefits are now scientifically proven for their health promoting actions.

Though every organ is important, however few are considered Vital Organs for overall health that are Brain, Heart, Lungs, Liver and Kidneys; improper functioning of which destroys the harmony of overall health. As stated above, balanced diet, regular exercise, yoga and meditation will help harmonize our vital organs health. However, unhealthy lifestyle and many chronic disease conditions make these organs prone to be various diseases if not taken care appropriately.

Many medicinal herbs mentioned in Ayurveda are traditionally used to keep us healthy by enhancing immunity and these are scientifically studied for their protective role in various vital organs functions especially through their antioxidant actions, e.g., Arjuna for Heart health, Brahmi for Brain health, Adulsa for Lungs health, Punarnava for Kidneys health, Bhimiamla for Liver health etc.

There are many Ayurveda / Herbal / health supplement products available in market which may be used for our overall health by supporting Vital Organs. However, we need to be cautious, whatever product we use for our overall health, that should be a qualitative product. The herbs being coming from natural sources, wild or cultivated; these may be having microbes, pesticides, heavy metals etc; therefore, the processing of these herbs or quality check of the products derived from these herbs is very critical.

One such qualitative and scientific product in Indian market is AyuVital Tablets which is a tested Ayurveda herbal product for Microbes, Pesticides and Heavy metals etc. AyuVital contains extracts of Arjuna, Brahmi, Bhumiamla, Adulsa and Punarnava, which are specially chosen for their beneficial role on our vital organs health.  Above all AyuVital also contains Ashwagandha which is scientifically studied for its antioxidant immunity boosting actions and also helps relieving stress. AyuVital is a Gluten free product which otherwise if present could be an allergy causing agent. AyuVital is also processed with a new technology FMB (Fused Micronized Bioligated Technology) to make it overall better choice to supplement our efforts to remain healthy by its protective actions o various Vital Organs and through its antioxidant and immunity boosting properties.

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